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A complete system to fit your individual isolation requirements. Keep it simple with the VacuLUX™ adapters and mouthpieces or upgrade to include illumination and our lightweight vacuum line.

Isolation Mouthpieces

Designed to fit our VacuLUX™ adapters as well as your Isolite or Dryshield isolation systems, these autoclavable mouthpieces were engineered for simple sterilization and consistent high-volume evacuation.

Optional Light Engine

Every VacuLUX™ HVE adapter is equipped to magnetically couple with our HyperLUX™ light engine, allowing for an easy upgrade to illuminated isolation at any time.

Illuminate your VacuLUX™, Dryshield or Isolite mouthpieces and allow yourself the advantages of improved visibility with this portable light engine.

HVE Valve Adapters

Plug the VacuLUX™ HVE Isolation adapter into your standard HVE valve for an instant isolation system at any dental chair. Use with Isolite, Dryshield and the new VacuLUX™ isolation mouthpieces.

Lightweight Vacuum Line

Reduce the weight and sound of your HVE valve for the patient by adding the optional Whisper Lite™ vacuum line extension kit to your isolation system.


Plug this kit into your HVE valve, which can remain docked away from your patient's ear, and couple to the VacuLUX™ adapter for a more comfortable experience.

Compact HVE valve

Replace your existing, large HVE valve with the VacuValve™ Lite, a condensed High-Volume (11.11mm bore) valve for any standard HVE instrument.


Reduce the weight of standard, heavier HVE valves for a more comfortable patient experience while maintaining convenient valve control.

Hear what our customers are saying:

The VacuLUX Isolation Mouthpiece
I love the VacuLUX HVE adapter. It is so much easier to use than the Zyris adapter and much easier to clean, operate, and NO maintenance!
The VacuLUX Isolation Mouthpiece
A very helpful device, I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Quality craft work ad finish! Very practical.
The VacuLUX Isolation Mouthpiece
I love your VacuLUX suction system. It has really freed up our personnel at atme when efficiency is paramount.

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