Ascentcar Dental Products

One light engine to

illuminate your practice:

High-Performance Isolation

Fiber Optic Transillumination

Illuminated Vision

The Radical Reflector illuminated mouth mirror

The HyperLUX™ Fiber Optic light engine provides intense, cool illumination, interfacing with a fiber optic light guide to direct high-powered light to Ascentcare's innovative dental instruments.

The HyperLUX Light Engine fiber optic dental instrument illuminator

Fiber Optic Light Guide

Magnetically couple each of your illuminated instruments from Ascentcare™ with the free-rotating and flexible 5-foot fiber optic light guide.

Light Guide Docking Port

Between uses, conveniently dock the fiber optic light guide with the magnetic docking port with built-in window for light setting indication. 

Micro USB Charge Port

Three 18365 Lithium-Ion Batteries can be recharged with the included, standard Micro USB charge cable. Battery life lasts a continuous 8-32 hours depending on light-level intensity. 

Light Engine Base

Sturdy light engine base includes magnetic instrument docking ports for the Radical Reflector™ and the Titan Transilluminator™. 

Intensity Switch

Easily interchange between three levels of intensity by holding the intensity switch. Power your illuminated instruments with 13,000 to 140,00 LUX. 

360° Cable Rotation

Patented magnetic coupling of the fiber optic light guide allows for free 360° rotation at the light engine and the instrument for unrestricted movement.

Features of the HyperLUX™

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