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A New, Universal Isolation Mouthpiece

How does the new VacuLUX isolation mouthpiece compare to the others on the market?

While developing the VacuLUX mouthpiece, Ascentcare had one unique advantage: talking to thousands of doctors regarding their likes and dislikes of other isolation mouthpieces available on the market. This allowed Ascentcare to engineer their new mouthpieces with the features you love while addressing your biggest complaints. Their new mouthpieces have several unique advantages as a result:

Universal Fit

Unique to the VacuLUX™ Mouthpiece is its ability to fit not only Ascentcare's VacuLUX™ adapter, but also Dryshield™ and Zyris™ Isolation systems as well.

In developing the VacuLUX™ isolation mouthpiece, Ascentcare engineered something that would fit both versions of their VacuLUX™ HVE adapter, which work with either Zyris™ Isolite® or Dryshield™ mouthpieces.

This led to the creation of a mouthpiece that universally fits either brand’s isolation systems as well, allowing dentists with any system to enjoy the benefits of the VacuLUX mouthpiece without needing to replace their existing equipment.


The VacuLUX™ isolation mouthpiece is autoclavable. It was designed with Simple-Sterile™ technology, with easy access flaps that make pre-cleaning simple and fast.

The average dental office will save $2275 a month by switching from disposable to autoclavable mouthpieces. The VacuLUX™ mouthpiece can last 50 autoclave cycles or more, bringing the cost per use to 50 cents or less, as opposed to $2.50 - $2.75 per use with disposables.

Comfortable Patient Experience

Increase patient comfort and acceptance with the VacuLUX™ mouthpiece. An integrated, soft silicone patient comfort flap naturally folds over the evacuation chamber to protect the palate from the ridges that allow suction.

Communicating between yourself and your assistant or patient during procedures is very important. Engineered with open-air pathways and Quiet-Calm technology, the VacuLUX™ mouthpiece can reduce suctioning noise by up to 50%. This makes for a safer, less stressful experience for your patient and yourself.

Light Transmission

Illuminate your VacuLUX mouthpiece with your Isolite® system or with the VacuLUX adapter and HyperLUX light engine. An integrated light guide directs powerful illumination exactly where you need it. The mouthpiece is made with proprietary, optically clear silicone for optimal light transmission.

Consistent, Continuous suction

With an evacuation chamber designed to stay open, without collapsing on itself with suction or with pressure from the patient's tongue, the VacuLUX™ mouthpiece provides consistent suction for a dry field you can rely on. The liquid rollover edge captures escaping fluids and suctions them into the chamber, reducing pooling and spatter.

To learn more about the VacuLUX HVE Mouthpiece, visit or call (616) 600-4505 to speak with a representative today.

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