Ascentcare's Newest Product Showcase: the Lighted Saliva Sidekick

An intraoral lighting and saliva ejector tube holder attachment

for the Bite Buddy mouth prop

At Ascentcare Dental Products we are pleased to showcase our newest innovative instrument. Using fiber optics to intraorally illuminate your patient’s mouth while precisely placing and securing a saliva ejector tube, your suction and illumination needs are met hands-free with our Lighted Saliva Sidekick.

The newest addition in our line of interchangeable attachments for the Bite Buddy mouth prop system, Ascentcare’s Lighted Saliva Sidekick changes dental illumination by attaching a powerful light source to a saliva ejector tube holder and placing it directly where you need it most – inside the patient’s mouth.

“Years of research, engineering and development with dentists and hygienists in mind have led to the creation of the Lighted Saliva Sidekick,” says inventor and Ascentcare Dental Products President, Austin Ritter. “It is the latest in our line of magnetically coupled interchangeable accessory instruments for our Bite Buddy mouth prop system.” Other products in this system include the traditional saliva ejector tube holder, a tongue guard, a placement tool and a light module. Each of these interchangeable accessories easily mount to the Bite Buddy mouth prop via a track system and a magnetic coupler.

The illuminated saliva ejector tube holder can be attached easily to all three sizes of the Bite Buddy mouth prop: small (pedo), medium and large. The Lighted Saliva Sidekick is available in left and right orientation, to meet illumination needs in all areas of the mouth.

Standard disposable suction tips easily snap into place and are held securely throughout your procedures.

Our lighted saliva sidekick was designed with antimicrobial medical grade polycarbonate and is sterilizable and reusable, without the fear of cross-contamination. Simply remove and dispose of the suction tip and follow cold sterilization procedures for reuse.

Ascentcare’s unique Bite Buddy mouth prop coupled with the lighted saliva ejector tube holder provides intense illumination of the entire mouth without interfering with access. The U-shaped mouth prop design and low-profile saliva ejector tube holder leave an open visual and physical work area. Side access and visibility are not compromised while using this system. The saliva ejector tube is ideally placed to eliminate liquids from pooling. It’s innovative design angles the tube to exit the mouth without rubbing against the patient’s teeth or interfering with your work area.

Created with the goal of supporting doctors and helping them perform their best, the Lighted Saliva Sidekick is ideal for use during:

· All cementation and bonding procedures

· Scaling

· Root Planning

· Bracket placement and removal

· Sealants

· Sedation dentistry

· Pediatric dentistry

· Extractions

· Dental implants

· Restorative Dentistry

· Crowns

· Dental Implants

The hands-free placement of a saliva ejector tube gives you that “third hand” every dentist and hygienist needs. The quick and easy coupling of the suction tube allows you to maximize your efficiency, something every dental office can benefit from. The lighted saliva ejector tube holder can be attached and removed from the mouth prop even while placed inside the patient’s mouth. Allowing you to add or remove the lighted saliva ejector tube holder or interchange with other accessories as needed while keeping the patient’s mouth propped open.

The high intensity lighting is powered by our HyperLUX light engine. The Lighted Saliva Sidekick produces 30,000 LUX at the highest setting. The light engine toggles between three settings: high, medium and low to give you just the right amount of visibility you desire. A cool “daylight” color temperature that does not set UV glues or sealants emits from the light engine. The entire system including the light engine is portable and ideal for moving from one exam room to another and great for use in mobile dentistry.

All our dental instruments, including the Lighted Saliva Sidekick, are made in the USA, in Ascentcare’s hometown of Spring Lake, Michigan.

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