Maximize Your Success with Ascentcare's Illuminated Mouth Prop Accessories

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Ascentcare Dental Products offers innovative solutions to your dental needs. Our Bite Buddy mouth prop System includes dental accessories which provide intraoral lighting while maintaining an open access work area.

Ascentcare's Bite Buddy and Illuminated Accessory Attachments

Our Bite Buddy mouth prop comes in three sizes: small (great for pedo or elderly patients), medium and large.

Our magnetically coupled illuminated attachments include our Bite Light light module and Lighted Saliva Sidekick illuminated saliva ejector tube holder.

Both of our illuminated attachments easily couple with our mouth props by sliding into a track system and securing into place via magnetic coupling. The Bite Light and Lighted Saliva Sidekick are powered by Ascentcare's portable and easy-to-use HyperLUX light engine.

Applications for Use of our Illuminated Attachments:

Our Bite Light illuminated mouth prop attachment and our Lighted Saliva Sidekick illuminated saliva ejector tube holder both supported by the open design of the Bite Buddy mouth prop allow you to maintain illuminated control of your work area during:

. All Cementation and Bonding Procedures

. Restorations

. Sealants

. Pediatrics


. Lasers

. Extractions

. Implants

. Scaling and Root Planing

See our Lighted Saliva Sidekick and Bite Buddy in action, maintaining an open work area with optimal illumination during this procedure:

Notice how easily this dentist can interchange illuminated dental instruments with our magnetically coupled light guide and powerful HyperLUX light engine.

Attaching Accessories to the Mouth Prop

Attaching Ascentcare's illuminated accessory attachments to the Bite Buddy mouth prop is simple. Easily line up the accessory in the track system and allow the magnetic coupler to pull it securely into place. Attachments can be coupled to the mouth prop before or after the mouth prop is positioned in the patient's mouth.

When ready for illumination, simply attach the fiber optic light guide to the attachment via magnetic coupling and turn on the HyperLUX light engine with a push of a button. There is no need for special training to use our products. Our goal at Ascentcare is to make your job easier with simple yet innovative solutions to your needs.

Placement of the Bite Light Illuminated Attachment

The Bite Light accessory attachment can be used to illuminate all four quadrants of your patient's mouth. Available in left and right, the Bite Light can be positioned on either side to shine powerful illumination on the lower left and lower right quadrants. Simply reposition the mouth prop, and that illumination can be directed at the upper left and upper right quadrants as well (pictured below).

Patient Comfort with Illumination

While our primary goal is to create innovative dental products to make your life easier, we strive to keep patient comfort in mind with all of our designs. The benefits to our non-intrusive illuminated attachments and open access mouth prop include patient comfort and mental ease.

Our mouth prop is created with polycarbonate, a material that allows for a smaller frame while maintaining strength. Patients are not overwhelmed or uncomfortable with the size of our products. Additionally, the mouth prop has a flexible rubber exterior to keep it in place and provide a cushioned surface that increases patient comfort.

Ascentcare's illuminated accessories are quick and easy to interchange comfortably even while inside the patient's mouth. The magnetic coupling system allows for a non-intrusive interchange of attachments. They are also designed to be minimally intrusive and practically unnoticeable to patients while in the mouth.

Our C-shaped Bite Buddy, coupled with our low-profile illuminated attachments, allow you ease of access allowing for a more effective and easier procedure for your patient. Additionally, you will not need to adjust or reposition your tools to work around Ascentcare's system, making yourself more efficient and shortening time in your patient's mouth, easing their experience.


Helping you achieve success in the dental office matters to us at Ascentcare. All of our products are designed for one purpose: to make your life easier, therefore maximizing your success. Our Bite Buddy mouth prop system and interchangeable illuminated attachments are thoughtfully designed with you in mind. Easy to use, non-obstructive and very bright, they will meet the many needs in the dental chair and aid in the success of your practice.

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