The HyperLUX light engine provides intense illumination for multiple dental instruments in multiple areas of your practice.  Brighten your work area by magnetically coupling to any one of Ascentcare Dental Product’s illuminated dental instruments, easily directing light to both challenging work areas and difficult areas to diagnose.


Our light engine works with all Ascentcare illuminated dental instruments shared by both dentists and hygienists throughout your dental practice. Compatible instruments for the HyperLUX light engine include the following fiber-optically illuminated products sold seperately by Ascentcare Dental Products:


          Radical Reflector Lighted Mouth Mirror

          Titan Transilluminator transillumination tool

          Bite Light lighted mouth prop attachment

          Lighted Saliva Sidekick illuminated saliva ejector tube holder


Features of the HyperLUX light engine include:


        → Bright. High-power CREE XP-L HI LED with 6,000K

             color temperature and three brightness levels:

             140,000 lux, 60,000 lux and 13,000 lux.

        → Rechargeable.  Built-in micro USB charging circuit integrated

              into the body. Charging cord included.

        → Powerful.  Three 3.6V 18650 3500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion

             batteries with built in PCB & PTC protection.

        → Optical Fiber Cable. 2mm single core PMMA optical fiber cord

             with magnetic coupling system is included.

        → Organized.  Integrated magnetic docking ports on included

             base for instruments & optical cable.

        → Portable. Light, compact and easy to move from one exam

             room to another.


The innovative magnetic coupling system allows for 360° rotation of both the included fiber optic cable and any of Ascentcare’s instruments, eliminating the problems associated with cable binding. The HyperLUX light engine is compact, portable and wireless.  It was designed to be bright, rechargeable and easy to use.


Included with your purchase of the HyperLUX light engine:


          HyperLUX light engine

          Light engine base

          Charging Cable and Adapter

          Magnetically Coupled Light Guide Cable

          → Instructions and Care Guide


All Ascentcare Dental Product’s dental instruments are made in the USA, in Ascentcare’s hometown of Spring Lake, Michigan.

HyperLUX Light Engine