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Ascentcare Dental Products
Ascentcare Dental Products
The Titan Transilluminator fiber optic dental transilumination instrument

A simple and easy to use diagnostic instrument for quickly detecting Anterior and Posterior Caries and helping to visual crown fractures, root canal orifice and root fractures.

The Titan Transilluminator™

Fiber Optic Transillumination Instrument


The Titan Transilluminator™ is completely autoclavable, with disposable endo tip light guides for the safest experience for your patients.

Polycarbonate Frame

Designed with a medical-grade polycarbonate frame, this instrument is resistant to uncomfortable and alarming galvanic shock during procedures.

360 Degree Rotation

Adjust your instrument to any view by using the magnetically coupled light guide, allowing for 360 degree rotation and a cordless feel.

Compact and Ergonomic

It’s compact, pen sized design with an ergonomic grip makes the Titan Transilluminator™ the perfect hand-held fiber optic transillumination instrument.

Endo Tip Light Guides

The Titan Transilluminator™ comes with twenty-five 1mm replaceable light guide tips, providing a sharp image to optimally visualize various tooth conditions.

Features of the Titan Transilluminator™

The Titan Transilluminator fiber optic dental transilumination instrument

Powered by the HyperLUX™

Choose from three intensity levels to emit just the right amount of light through the Titan Transilluminator™ to show scattering within the tooth.

HyperLUX Light Engine for fiber optic intraoral illumination

Powerful illumination for your Titan Transilluminator™ is provided by the HyperLUX™ light engine. It's patented magnetically coupled fiber optic light guide allows for 360 degree instrument rotation and a cordless feel. 


Effortlessly send up to 140,000 LUX directly where you need it most with the HyperLUX™. Other illuminated instruments powered by this light engine include the Radical Reflector™ and the VacuLUX™ Illuminated Isolation System. 

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