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VacuVUE HVE Dental Mirror
VacuVUE HVE Dental Mirror

Your answer to high-volume evacuation, clear clinical views & retraction

all in one easy-to-use HVE mirror.

Liquid & Aerosol Control

Reduce aerosols and spatter while viewing or retracting with multi-sided evacuation ports, including a large-bore port for even more aerosol reduction.

Strong Retraction

Angled for optimal viewing and steady retracting, the VacuVUE™ mirror provides suction, viewing and retracting in one instrument.

Ergonomic Design

The VacuVUE™ was designed to allow unhindered 360° rotation, with lightweight aluminum construction and a triangular shaped handle for fine maneuverability.

Simple Installation

Plug & Play installation allows for instant use with your existing HVE valve. Quickly connect the mirror just like a suction tip or use with our lightweight, Feather Flex™ vacuum line.

Aluminum Construction

Constructed with aerospace grade aluminum, this autoclavable and lightweight mirror was designed to last repeated sterilization and use. 

Replaceable Mirror Faces

As natural wear occurs, easily replace your PureHD™ Mirror faces with our tool-free design. PureHD™ mirror faces boast 99% color accuracy & a 40% higher reflective value.

VacuVUE HVE Dental Mirror

Fog-free View

The VacuVUE™ mirror face is surrounded by evacuation ports, forcing high-velocity air across and keeping your view fog-free as you work. 

Features of the VacuVUE

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