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Ascentcare Dental Products, Inc. is not affiliated with Dryshield or Zyris Isolite.

Isolation System Videos

Getting Started with the VacuLUX™ System

Installing the VacuLUX™ Adapter

Connecting Isolation Mouthpieces

Placing the VacuLUX Mouthpiece

Cleaning & Sterilizing the VacuLUX™ Mouthpiece

Illumination of the VacuLUX™ Adapter

Installing the Feather Flex™ Kit with the VacuLUX™ Adapter

HVE Mirror Videos

Getting Started with the VacuVUE™ HVE Mirror

Illuminated Instrument Videos

Radical Reflector™ Overview

HyperLUX™ Light Engine: Batteries & Charging

HyperLUX Light™ Engine: Care & Cleaning

HyperLUX™ Light Engine: Cable Coupling

HyperLUX™ Light Engine: Switching Modes

Titan Transilluminator™: Replacing the Endo Tip Light Guides

Using the HyperLUX™ light Engine with the VacuLUX™ Isolation System

Mouth Prop System Videos

Overview of the Bite Buddy™ Super Pack

The Bite Buddy™ and Tongue Tamer™ 

The Saliva Sidekick™ 

The Placement Pal™