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Compact HVE Valve

The compact, aluminum HVE VacuValve™ Lite gives you convenient control of your instruments without the cumbersome weight & size of a standard valve.

Small, but mighty, this valve doesn’t restrict airflow with its high-volume, large-bore 9mm inside diameter & can be used with any (standard 11.11mm) HVE instrument.

Inline HVE Valve Kit

Control your high-volume suction at your wrist with the large-bore Inline HVE valve kit.

The ultra-lightweight and flexible hose extension increases mobility and range of motion.

Fully autoclavable, this kit includes the inline valve, hose extension with instrument coupler and a Wrist Assist.

Vacuum Line Relief Band

Relieve the strain on your wrists while using HVE instruments like the VacuVUE with the Wrist Assist™.

Clip your HVE vacuum line to this relief band or the Whisper Lite hose kit for a feather-light feel.

Features an interchangeable 22mm quick-release band & durable aluminum construction.

Whisper Lite Extension Kit

For increased maneuverability and a lighter feel while using HVE instruments like the VacuVUE mirror, and for a quieter, more comfortable patient experience while using the VacuLUX isolation system, try the Whisper Lite™ Kit.

Kit includes a 5 foot, lightweight high-volume vacuum line with an instrument coupler for securing instruments while allowing 360° rotation.

Improve ergonomics while using your HVE instruments with valves and accessories from Ascentcare

HVE Valves & Accessories

HVE instruments not secure? Don't forget to maintain your HVE valves!

As your HVE valve's O-rings wear down and fall off over time, routine replacement is recommended to ensure proper retainment of HVE instruments and suction tips.


Order replacement O-rings and lubricant with Ascentcare's HVE Valve Maintenance Kit. 

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