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​Increased concern over COVID-19 has brought attention to an area of dentistry that shouldn't be overlooked: routine procedures performed many times a day in your dental office producing bioaerosols capable of transmitting infectious diseases.


Dental offices are in one of the highest risk categories for transmission and contraction of COVID-19. Face-to-face communication, exposure to body fluids, and the aerosolization of these fluids during routine procedures puts you, your staff and your patients at a high risk for transmission of many infectious diseases. 

This has caused tremendous change in the world of dentistry. What changes will your patients notice when they walk through your doors their first day back? Are you prepared to answer their questions about aerosols?

Dental Patient

Patient Flyer

Advance patient education with this free, comprehensive patient flyer on aerosol reduction in your dental clinic.

What changes will your patients notice when they return to your dental practice?

What changes will your patients notice?

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