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Ascentcare Dental Products

6 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to the Radical Reflector

What's in a mirror? Ascentcare's Radical Reflector is more than your average mirror. This instrument has everything a dentist wants, beginning with quality, accuracy, and intense illumination. Read to learn about the features and benefits of this must have addition to your chairside table.

1. Superior PureHD Mirror Technology

It all begins with a superior mirror. Ascentcare's Radical Reflector features mirror technology that outshines standard rhodium mirrors to offer you an enhanced field of vision and a more accurate clinical image.

Ascentcare's PureHD mirror, used on the Radical Reflector, is a front surface mirror. Front surface mirrors produce a more accurate and distortion free image. The mirror image created is sharper and brighter than traditional mirrors.

Indirect light is reflected back at the highest rate, 40% higher than traditional Rhodium mouth mirrors. Both the color quality and the intensity of the reflection is noticeably higher as well. All of these features offer you the benefit of the best and brightest image to allow for your best work.

The PureHD mirror is also very durable and scratch resistant.

2. Light from the Inside, Out

Powered by our HyperLUX Light Engine, the Radical Reflector directs up to 80,000 LUX exactly where you need it. The Radical Reflector is the brightest mirror on the market.

Our light engine toggles between three levels of light intensity: low, medium and high.

When depending on outside sources of light, traditional mouth mirrors limit your viewpoints. The intraoral light emitter on the Radical Reflector allows you to easily direct intense light wherever you need it with a simple adjustment of your hand.

The Radical Reflector was designed with a light-to-mirror angle that eliminates shadowing and illuminates the entire mouth.

3. Cordless Feel

The Radical Reflector couples to the HyperLUX Light Engine via our patented magnetic fiber optic coupler. Using magnetics to couple to the fiber optic light guide allows for 360 degree rotation, giving you cordless feel. Binding is eliminated and you are free to adjust your instrument to any view you need.

4. Cheek Retractor

Engineered with a built-in cheek retractor, the Radical Reflector allows you to control your field of vision as you work.

Keep soft tissues away for easy viewing and keep your patient comfortable with our rounded, built-in cheek retractor.

5. Sterilization

The Radical Reflector is completely serializable. Simply detach from the fiber optic light guide and sterilize according to industry standards. Repeated sterilization allows for efficient and cost effective use.

6. No Galvanic Shock

Designed with a medical-grade polycarbonate frame, this instrument is resistant to uncomfortable and alarming galvanic shock during exams and procedures.

Additionally, an antimicrobial agent is added to the polycarbonate during the manufacturing process.

Upgrade to the Radical Reflector

The Radical Reflector, with it's PureHD mirror, HyperLUX Light Engine technology and cheek retractor, offers you hands-down the best intraoral view available. Try out the cordless feel of our powerfully illuminated mouth mirror and you'll never go back to standard mirrors again.

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