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Ascentcare Dental Products
Ascentcare Dental Products

The VacuVUE™ HVE Mirror

There are many advantages to a mirror like the VacuVUE, a mirror designed to excel in high volume liquid and aerosol evacuation while offering clear clinical views and retraction.


By design, the VacuVUE™ HVE Mirror has many features that outperform competitors. From suction to indirect views, this mirror was engineered for optimal performance.

In all, the VacuVUE™ mirror head contains 11 liquid and aerosol evacuation ports. This allows for even suction of both liquids and aerosols regardless of the mirror's position in the patient's mouth.

Because of it's many evacuation ports, the VacuVUE™ offers excellent suction of pooling liquids, during both retraction and viewing. The front evacuation ports make for exceptional views of the lower linguals while simultaneously keeping up with suction. While retracting for work on the upper and lower molars, the evacuation ports in the front and back both allow for liquid evacuation without clogging.

The many smaller holes surrounding the mirror face on the VacuVUE™ keep liquids pulled away from the surface of the mirror and prevent fogging, allowing for a clear view. At 45 degrees, the VacuVUE™ was engineered for optimal mirror face angle with indirect vision and retraction in mind. Use this mirror just as you would your standard mirror, with the added bonus of excellent aerosol and liquid control.

The desired outcome of using any HVE mirror is for high volume removal of liquids and simultaneous retraction and/or indirect viewing. As a mirror and an HVE suction tip combo, the VacuVUE™ HVE Mirror performs both roles very well.


Ascentcare was particular when choosing materials for this mirror. The replaceable mirror faces use PureHD mirror technology offering higher scratch resistance, 99% color accuracy and 40% brighter visibility than your standard dental mirror with 75 layers of front mirroring for a high-definition view.

Aerospace grade aluminum was chosen for the construction of the mirror, for a lightweight feel that does sacrifice longevity or durability.

Made with supple, medical-grade Silcryn, the Whisper Lite vacuum line for the mirror has a hexagon interior to significantly reduce kinking while you work and maintain a lightweight feel.

As with all of Ascentcare's dental products, the VacuVUE™ is proudly made in the US, right in our home state of Michigan. Quality is our priority and this mirror is guaranteed with a manufacturer's warranty.

The features and benefits of the VacuVUE™ HVE mirror are many, order one today and see why dental professionals prefer it:

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