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Ascentcare Dental Products
Ascentcare Dental Products

Whether you're looking for a portable isolation system to move between operatories, or would like to dedicate an additional HVE line chairside for your isolation needs, you can add modern isolation to your practice quickly and easily with VacuLUX Isolation System Kits:

Chairside Isolation System

  • Auxiliary HVE Line Kit:

    • HVE line Y adapter 

    • 5.5 feet of Whisper Lite™ vacuum line

    • VacuValve™ HVE Lite, a lightweight, compact HVE valve 

  • VacuLUX™ adapter of your preference 

  • Cleaning brush & valve maintenance o-rings

  • 1 year warranty

This Chairside System includes everything you need to equip your dental chair with an additional HVE line, allowing you to dedicate one line for Isolation while maintaining an open HVE line for other evacuation needs.

Kit Includes:
  • Increase patient comfort:

    • lightweight Whisper Lite™ vacuum line

    • compact & lightweight aluminum VacuValve™ HVE valve

  • Expand your HVE capacity:

    • VacuValve™ can be used for any standard HVE instrument

  • Easily control your evacuation:

    • HVE valve is at your fingertips during procedures

Benefits of the Chairside System:
    Most Popular
    with Dentists looking to
    equip their entire practice

    Related Products:

      Portable Isolation System

      • Portable Feather Flex™ Kit:

        • 5.5' of ultra-lightweight HVE line​

        • Curved, stainless steel valve coupler

        • Aluminum HVE instrument quick disconnect

        • Instrument mounting clip

      • VacuLUX™ adapter of your preference 

      • Cleaning brush & valve maintenance O-rings

      • 1 year warranty

      Move your isolation system from chair to chair with this Portable System, including everything you need to get started with modern isolation and featuring plug & play setup for easy portability between operatories.

      Kit Includes:
      • Increase patient comfort:

        • Ultra lightweight Feather Flex™ vacuum line

        • HVE valve remains docked away from the patient, reducing noise & weight

      • Installs in seconds:

        • Plug & Play Installation using your existing HVE valve

      • One system for multiple operatories

      Benefits of the Portable System:
      Most Popular
      with Dentists looking to
      try modern isolation for the first time
      or use one system at multiple chairs

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