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Ascentcare Dental Products


Designed with Simple-Sterile Technology for safe & efficient sterilization. Calculate Your Savings →


Engineered for diverse compatibility with most modern isolation systems, including VacuLUX™, Dryshield & Isolite systems.


Continuous suction provided by an evacuation chamber that does not collapse on itself for a dry field you can rely on. 


Soft comfortable overlap folds to increase patient acceptance by protecting the tongue & palate.


Superior engineering of open-air pathways for procedures up to 50% quieter, based on customer surveys.

Discover the premium features

that set VacuLUX mouthpieces apart:

VacuLUX HVE Dental Isolation System
VacuLUX Dental Isolation Mouthpieces for Dryshield and Isolite
Ascentcare's Dental HVE Valve DCI alternative
VacuVUE HVE Dental Mirror
Illuminated Dental Instruments
Dental Mouth Prop Ascentcare Dental Products Bite Buddy