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Chairside or Portable - Which Isolation System is Best for Your Practice?

The diverse set of options available with the VacuLUX Isolation system gives you freedom to create an isolation system that meets your unique needs. But, with so many custom options, how do you know what is best for your practice?

Start here - we'll guide you through the benefits of both the Chairside and Portable VacuLUX™ Isolation Systems and make recommendations to help you find your ideal system.

Two Types of Systems

The Portable Isolation System

The VacuLUX Portable Isolation System includes one VacuLUX HVE Adapter and one Feather Flex Kit, an ultra-lightweight, portable vacuum line extension.

The Feather Flex™ Kit plugs into your existing HVE valve for portable use at any dental chair.

Designed to increase patient comfort, the Feather Flex is 70% lighter than standard HVE Lines.

This kit also allows for the noisy, heavy HVE valve to remain docked in the instrument arm, further reducing weight and noise for your patient.

As with the entire VacuLUX line of products, the Feather Flex Kit™ allows for 360-degree free rotation of the VacuLUX adapter, for easier mouthpiece placement and retention compared to other brands.

Benefits of this system include:

  • instant, plug & play installation

  • portability between operatories

  • increased patient comfort

As it needs no permanent installation, we recommended the VacuLUX Portable Isolation System for Dentists looking to try a modern isolation system for the first time or for those who would like to use one system at multiple operatories.

The Chairside Isolation System

The VacuLUX Chairside Isolation System includes one VacuLUX HVE Adapter and everything you need to add an additional HVE Line and Valve to each operatory: an HVE Line Y Adapter, the VacuValve Lite HVE Valve and 5.5' of Whisper Lite Tubing.

This system allows you to dedicate one HVE line to isolation, while maintaining an open HVE valve for other needs.

While compact, the VacuValve™ Lite HVE valve has a minimum interior diameter of 9mm for unrestricted, true High-Volume Evacuation and can be used with any standard HVE instrument.

Much like the Feather Flex Kit, the VacuValve™ HVE Lite allows for 360-degree free rotation™ of the VacuLUX adapter, for easy mouthpiece placement and retention.

Maintain access to your HVE valve at your fingertips without compromising patient comfort. The compact VacuValve™ Lite HVE valve and lightweight Whisper Lite vacuum line make for a more comfortable experience for your patient, compared to standard equipment.

Benefits of this system include:

  • expanded HVE capacity

  • easy evacuation control

  • increased patient comfort

This system is recommended for Dentists looking to equip their entire practice with an isolation system, while maintaining an open HVE line for other instruments.

Other System Options

Mouthpiece Brand Compatibility

VacuLUX™ HVE Isolation Adapters are designed for compatibility with VacuLUX™ brand mouthpieces, as well as other brands.

If you are currently using another isolation system brand, and are looking to expand your isolation capabilities to more dental chairs with a VacuLUX™ System, or would like to replace broken plastic equipment with the more durable VacuLUX™ system, simply select your mouthpiece brand preference at checkout:

  • Compatibility with VacuLUX™ and Dryshield brand mouthpieces

  • Compatibility with VacuLUX™ and Isolite brand mouthpieces

Of course, we'd like you to give our mouthpieces a try! Diversely compatible with VacuLUX, Dryshield and Isolite systems, the VacuLUX autoclavable mouthpiece was designed with unique features worth making a switch.

If you are new to isolation, and starting out with the VacuLUX, there's an option to select a system for use with VacuLUX brand mouthpieces only:

  • Compatibility with VacuLUX™ brand mouthpieces

Adding Mouthpieces to Your System

If you use mouthpieces for 4 or less procedures per chair, per day, we recommend adding two boxes for every isolation system. Select the two most common sizes your practice will use. If you're not sure, we recommend:

  • Pediatric Offices: size Pedo & size Small

  • General Practice: size Small & size Medium

  • Sedation Dentistry: size Medium & size Large

If you use mouthpieces for 5 or more procedures per chair, per day, we recommend our Bundled Isolation Systems, which come with 4 boxes of mouthpieces at a discounted rate.

Bundled systems are available with the following mouthpiece size options:

  • Assorted (one box each of size pedo, small, medium and large)

  • Pediatric (two boxes of size pedo and two boxes of size small)

  • Adult (one box of size small, two boxes of size medium, one box of size large)

VacuLUX Specialists are Here for You

If you still have questions regarding which system is best for your unique needs, give us a call at (616) 600-4505 to speak with a VacuLUX Specialist. We're happy to help you create your ideal system!

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