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Ascentcare Dental Products
Ascentcare Dental Products

Ensure Great Restorative Outcomes with VacuLUX Isolation

Ensure predictable, consistent restorative outcomes for better restorations in less chair time by adding VacuLUX Isolation to your procedures. Designed to create the ideal field, the VacuLUX mouthpiece retracts tissue, reduces humidity and offers airway protection simultaneously.

"The VacuLUX frees up my assistant to be more productive. It has really just streamlined my procedures." - Dr. Eric Block, DDS

With hands-free, continuous suction and retraction, your assistant can stay one step ahead of your needs, making your procedure faster and easier. When your assistant is not retracting or aspirating, she can focus on your next need and be at the ready with your required instruments and bonding materials.

"I turn on the VacuLUX and have a very effective, dry field that I find much better than a well-placed rubber dam."

- Dr. William Gaston, DDS

The VacuLUX provides consistent fluid evacuation and overall reduced humidity to increase resin-tooth bond strength and reduce the risk of micro-leakages. Designed with a liquid-rollover edge to capture and quickly evacuate escaping fluids, the VacuLUX mouthpiece provides a dry field you can rely on.

The high-volume evacuation and airflow not only eliminates fluid and keeps a dry field of work, but it also helps to volatilize the solvent used in most bonding systems. It creates a moisture free environment to provide an assured sense of complete volatilization of the bonding agent.

"The VacuLUX makes it so much easier to isolate and the tongue never gets in my way."

- Dr. Miguel De Leon, DDS

Built in bite block, cheek retractor and tongue guard simultaneously open the field, retract tissue and improve visibility. Improves access without getting in the way. improves visualization

"The VacuLUX does not allow anything to go down into the throat, from water to amalgam chips. The airway protection gives me peace of mind during my restorative procedures."

- Dr. Elizabeth Jones, DDS

Reduce accidental patient aspiration effortlessly with the VacuLUX mouthpiece and high-volume evacuation. The built-in airway shield protects against aspiration of dental materials. The consistent suction keeps liquids from pooling and vacuums up all amalgam chips and particles before reaching the patient's throat. One less thing on your mind during procedures allows you to focus on better results.

A restorative game changer, VacuLUX Isolation increases efficiency & improves procedure results with hands-free continuous suction for a dry field, tissue retraction & isolation to improve access and airway protection you can rely on.

Learn how the VacuLUX has been a restorative game changer for veteran dentist, Dr. William Gaston, in our interview with him:

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