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Field Report: Reduce Procedure Time with the VacuLUX Isolation System

Reduce Procedure Time by 40% with the VacuLUX

When polled, practitioners using the VacuLUX Isolation System reported drastically reduced procedure times when compared to traditional methods. On average, they spent 28-40% less time on common procedures.

One of these practitioners is Dr. William Gaston, DDS. Dr. Gaston has been practicing dentistry for 31 years and is the sole dentist at his two dental practices in Michigan. He recently began using the VacuLUX Isolation System.

In an interview with Ascentcare, Dr. Gaston shares how adding VacuLUX Isolation to his procedures has saved him time while improving results and reducing frustration.

An Interview with Dr. William Gaston, DDS

Q: Tell us about your experience with the VacuLUX system.

A: It may seem odd but with all the procedures that I perform routinely in my practice, RCT, extractions, dentures, implants, etc., a simple composite filling, done well, has always been my greatest challenge.

I have tried several systems over the years and had settled on the creative usage of good old fashioned cotton rolls and dry-angle absorbent discs in cases when a rubber dam was not feasible. There are a lot of instances in my practice where this is the case.

The VacuLUX Isolation Mouthpiece

Your incorporation of a mouth bite block, suction, and tissue retraction in one device is the key to the effectiveness of this system.

A bite block is something I have always used. It stops involuntary closure during cavity or tooth preparation and allows the patient to "rest" easily on the bite block.

The design of the tissue retraction feature keeps the tongue at bay and the cheek retracted simultaneously while protecting them from my hand piece. This allows more light in and gives me better visibility while freeing up at least one hand of the four used in four handed dentistry.

I then turn on the suction and have a very effective, dry field that I find better than a well-placed rubber dam with no chance of the clamps popping off which sometimes happens and seemingly always at the worst time. It can be frustrating.

The VacuLUX portable isolation system

Q: How would you say the VacuLUX system has helped during procedures?

The VacuLUX eliminates the second set of hands of four handed dentistry. Early on it was somewhat comical to see my assistants trying to get involved in the procedure before they realized that they can pretty much sit there and focus on handing me my instruments and bonding materials.

I was concerned about rinsing the etchant off the teeth as I did not want it getting in the soft tissue but the effectiveness of evacuation and design of the device eliminated that concern for me.

I noticed that the airflow not only eliminates fluid and keeps a dry field of work, but it also helps to evaporate (volatilize) the solvent used in most bonding systems. I have probably been guilty of not allowing enough time while applying moisture free air to completely evaporate the solvent in my primer. I pay particular attention to this important step, but the additional air flow gives me a more assured sense of complete volatilization of my bonding agent.

This same air flow helps reduce aerosols from escaping into the operatory and the related concerns of air borne pathogens landing on vulnerable surfaces in the operatory. It is not so much a primary benefit to me as I have confidence in my infection control procedures, but it surely helps. We all know the importance of very clean air and operatory cleanliness.

Finally, I use it with my crown and bridge procedures. I work hard to achieve, and sometimes agonize over getting nice preparations. I have had situations where without the use of the VacuLUX system, my preparations may not have been as textbook perfect. This satisfies me greatly and reduces stress and fatigue. It is just easier.

VacuLUX Isolation

Q: What uses do your hygienists have for the VacuLUX?

A: My hygienists find it great for scaling and root planning procedures and for sealant placement. I cannot stand replacing sealants! I usually attribute this to moisture contamination. When this happens, we replace them (no charge of course) but I despise doing things twice. My Hygienists place most sealants by themselves. This can be challenging. Your system allows for easier and better sealants.

Q: What do your patients think of the VacuLUX Isolation system?

A: My patients find it comfortable and have said they like it almost universally. I was somewhat surprised as I thought it a bit cumbersome at first but after having used it the past several months, I no longer find it to be so.

Some patients tend to frequently swallow, and others have an "active" tongue. This system allows patients to swallow, and their tongues can "play" safely and out of my way when they do decide to engage in this previously frustrating and uncontrollable habit.

Q: In summary, how would you describe your experiences with the VacuLUX Isolation System?

A: This has been a game changer for me, and I hope other dentists who have struggled with the things I mentioned, find your system so they too can realize the benefits that I have. The net result for me is this:

  1. Better restorations

  2. Less fatigue and frustration

  3. Increased job satisfaction

  4. 20% or more less chair time required

The Portable VacuLUX Isolation System
Learn more on our website or call 616.600.4505 to speak to a VacuLUX Specialist about how this system can help you increase efficiency and improve procedure results.

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