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Ascentcare Dental Products

The Invention of: The Radical Reflector

Ascentcare's patented fiber optic illuminated mouth mirror, the Radical Reflector, was engineered in collaboration with dentists and hygienists to address intraoral lighting and indirect vision. Read on to hear about how it came to be from inventor Austin Ritter and learn about the features of this unique dental instrument and how it can benefit your dental practice.

Interview with Austin Ritter, inventor of the Radical Reflector:

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Radical Reflector?

A: I had been working on an R&D project related to fiber optics for our Bite Light illuminated mouth prop attachments for some time. While visiting a dental office that was using our products since the early stages, I had a conversation with a hygienist there. She was unhappy with her declining vision and her constant desire to see more clearly inside the mouth. She liked our Bite Light and how it provided light from the inside out. She did not like reflecting indirect light through an overhead lamp that blinded the patient, causing increased anxiety, or the thought of using costly and cumbersome head lights that presented similar problems. The combination of mirror angle, light and obstructions presented problems that prohibited her to see clearly, also ergonomics were difficult and presented neck problems. I was already working with magnetically coupled bulk light with fiber optics, so after listening to her problems as well as many others with the same problems, I went back to the R&D lab and started working on designs for a simple to use fiber optic lighted mouth mirror.

Q: What problem did you hope to solve with the Radical Reflector?

A: Addressing the problem of intraoral lighting and indirect vision, the Radical Reflector was developed from the need to see more and see more clearly inside the mouth weather your standing or sitting next the patient. Directing intense light exactly where it is needed, with an ergonomic and easy to use instrument, solves both of these problems.

Q: How was the experience and what challenges did you face while creating the Radical Reflector?

A: There were many challenges to overcome while designing the Radical Reflector. I wanted an instrument that offered several benefits for both dentists and hygienists, and engineering a mirror with all of features I desired was no easy task. My experience in working with fiber optic lighting in the development of some of our other instruments was truly helpful, though. I had already created a light engine that allowed for intense, color accurate lighting. My patented magnetic coupler was another hurdle that I had already tackled. It allowed for 360 degree rotation of the instrument, eliminating binding and overall making for simple and easy handling of the Radical Reflector. One challenge I faced, that required many rounds of prototyping, was ray tracing of light and finding the correct angle of the mirror that allowed for an even, uninterrupted distribution of light. I also wanted the very best mirror for color accuracy, reflection and durability, so we experimented with every material and surface finish you could think of before implementing the mirror we use. Additionally, I wanted a sterilizable and reusable instrument, so I also had to find the right materials, eventually going with a medical grade poly-carbonate frame. Selecting a fiber optic cable that was flexible yet durable and yielded a strong light output also took a lot of trials. Ultimately, it took several years of engineering and testing countless prototypes before eventually creating a design that had all of the features I was looking for.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received about the Radical Reflector?

A: The feedback I have received from both dentists and hygienists has been incredible. They are amazed at the level of light directed at the work area, so much that it literally trans-illuminates the teeth if on the highest setting. I truly enjoy seeing everyone's reaction when using my lighted mirror for the first time, it's rewarding. The Radical Reflector is a versatile instrument with a multitude of uses across every dental office. Specialists from across the field have found the Radical Reflector to be a worthy addition to their chair side instruments.

Features of the Radical Reflector

  • Bright. 80,000 LUX and 6,000K color temperature with a 99% true-color reflection.

  • Fiber Optic. Features a high temperature magnetically coupled lens system with a large 2.5 mm fiber optic element.

  • Strong. Constructed with Lexan medical grade polycarbonate.

  • Smart. Engineered with a built-in cheek and tongue retractor.

  • Optimized. Mirror angle is in ideal relation to the fiber optic light emitter, providing for a desired uniform illumination.

  • Sterilizable. Designed for sterilization using industry standard cold sterilization methods.

  • Hygienic. Lens is flush with mirror frame, preventing collection of debris.

  • Versatile. Used by dentists and hygienists to meet your unique needs for a variety of dental procedures.

Benefits to your practice

Increase efficiency and productivity with the Radical Reflector. Without the problem of lighting standing in your way, accurate diagnosis come quickly and easily. Our light is so intense, it actually transilluminates the teeth, working as an incredible diagnostic aide unlike any other mirror on the market. The Radical Reflector is a useful tool for dentists, hygienists and assistants alike. Add the Radical Reflector to your dental office and you'll never go back to a standard mirror again.

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