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Ascentcare Dental Products

Saliva Ejector Tube Holder

Easily slide the Saliva Sidekick into the track of the Bite Buddy mouth prop to securely hold a standard disposable saliva ejector tube where it’s needed most.

Tongue Guard

Tame your patients’ wild tongues and eliminate interference with your work area with the Tongue Tamer tongue guard attachment for the Bite Buddy

Placement Tool

For a higher level of patient comfort, the Placement Pal mouth prop placement tool positions the Bite Buddy in your pediatric patient’s mouth easily and accurately.

The Bite Buddy Mouth Prop System

an open access mouth prop featuring

interchangeable accessory attachments:

VacuLUX HVE Dental Isolation System
VacuLUX Dental Isolation Mouthpieces for Dryshield and Isolite
Ascentcare's Dental HVE Valve DCI alternative
VacuVUE HVE Dental Mirror
Illuminated Dental Instruments
Dental Mouth Prop Ascentcare Dental Products Bite Buddy