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Ascentcare Dental Products
Ascentcare Dental Products

VacuLUX HVE Isolation System

I would not have survived working solo without the VacuLUX System. The VacuLUX allowed me to use both hands while doing procedures and I love how it moves the tongue away. Thanks for making such a great product!

-Dr. William R. Gaston, DDS

After 31 years, the VacuLUX has been a game changer for me. The biggest benefits I've found are better restorations, at least 20% less chair time, less fatigue and frustration and increased job satisfaction.

-Dr. Miguel DeLeon, DMD

I love the VacuLUX HVE adapter. It is so much easier to use than the Zyris adapter and much easier to clean, operate, and NO maintenance!

-Dr. David Barsan, DDS

VacuLUX Isolation Mouthpieces

VacuLUX Autoclavable Dental Isolation Mouthpieces for Dryshield and Isolite

My team and I are loving the VacuLUX Mouthpieces! We find that they are quieter, more pliable and thus more comfortable for patients, allow for easier cleaning and retract more tissue than Dryshield or Isolite.

-Dr. Jeffrey R. Briney, DDS

After trying out many of the competitors, I found that the VacuLUX was the best performing mouthpiece in patient comfort, ease of use, doctor access, visualization, reduction of sound & reliable suction.

-Dr. Nathan A. Wong, DDS

The VacuLUX mouthpiece is a lot more malleable and softer due to the silicone material used. Its way more comfortable and the patients like it a lot more.

-Dr. Cheryl Bingham, DDS

VacuVUE HVE Mirrors

VacuVUE HVE Dental Mirror Nu-Bird alternative

The excitement in our office is off the chart! I was able to use the VacuVUE mirror this week & news of it has  spread! The assistant wants it for all of her appointments & I can't turn it over fast enough to use on my own patients. 

-Dr. Ona R. Erdt, DMD

A true HVE mirror with integrated suction, the VacuVUE is like having a second set of hands for clinicians. It speeds up procedures, reducing the need to constantly choose between mirror and suction.

-Holly Moons, CRDH

I love the VacuVUE so much! It's really made my job much easier, especially during SRPs. The liquid control is amazing. It's honestly the best product I've ever had!

-Ashley, RDH

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