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Ascentcare Dental Products
Ascentcare Dental Products

The 6th Hand for your Efficient 4 Handed Practice

Ascentcare's Saliva Sidekick

As a Dentist, you want to be able to provide the most good for the most patients you can each day. Efficiency is key in your practice, and great Dentists like you strive towards maximum efficiency daily.

True four handed dentistry is a graceful and efficient routine for ensuring your patient gets the treatment they deserve. Six handed dentistry can also have its benefits and you may be asking yourself if the sixth hand is necessary for peak efficiency in your office, and if it is worth the cost of added personnel.

Ascentcare's Saliva Sidekick saliva ejector tube holders can work as the "sixth hand" in your dental office. When in use, the Saliva Sidekick takes over the necessary job of moisture control, freeing your assistant's hands for more important tasks.

Ascentcare's saliva ejector tube holders are minimally invasive and easy to use. They offer ideal hands-free saliva ejector tube placement and maintain a low profile to enable total visual and physical access. With hands-free and non-obstructive saliva ejection in place, your assistant can focus on anticipating your instrument needs and the transfer of those instruments.

True motion economy is a well practiced skill between a dentist and their assistant. With the skill of motion economy and Ascentcare's saliva ejector tube holders in your armamentarium, your four-handed dental procedures will be more efficient and effective.

Efficiently using four hands, with a trained and competent chair side assistant can be improved greatly with added technology such as the saliva sidekick. The Saliva Sidekick gives you that 6th hand. Free your assistant's hands for more important tasks and remove the need for the added personnel without limiting your effectiveness or efficiency.

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