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Tips for Use: The Saliva Sidekick

Saliva Sidekick Advantages

Ascentcare's saliva ejector tube holders couple with our Bite Buddy mouth props and are minimally invasive and easy to use. They offer ideal hands-free saliva ejector tube placement and maintain a low profile to enable total visual and physical access. With hands-free and non-obstructive saliva ejection in place, your assistant can focus on anticipating your instrument needs and the transfer of those instruments.

The U-shaped mouth prop design and low-profile saliva ejector tube holder leave an open visual and physical work area. Side access and visibility are not compromised while using this system. The saliva ejector tube is ideally placed to eliminate liquids from pooling. It’s innovative design angles the tube to exit the mouth without rubbing against the patient’s teeth or interfering with your work area.

Useful Techniques

One thing we love most at Ascentcare is feedback from our dentists. Our business is based on ever-evolving our products to better and better meet your needs in the dental chair. Along with helpful feedback, we've learned many useful tips and techniques for our products direct from the field:

Bend the tip: For optimal placement in your patients' mouth, right above the sublingual gland, bend the tip of your standard disposable suction tube just at the end before inserting it into the Saliva Sidekick (as pictured).

Removal: One of the many advantages of the Saliva Sidekick is that it can be removed and reinserted multiple times while the bite block stays positioned inside your patient's mouth. This allows for increased efficiency: work can continue uninterrupted as suction needs are met.

Placement: Various dentists have expressed a variety of preferences as to the placement of the saliva ejector tube. Some prefer standard placement inside the teeth (above the sublingual gland). While others prefer a placement outside the teeth for certain cases (see below).

For more tips on using the Saliva Sidekick, see our instructional video.

Conjunctional Use

Ascentcare's Saliva Sidekick works well in conjunction with other dental products, making it a handy addition to your chairside table.

Rubber Dam: According to a recent comparison from Clinician's Report (October 2019), using a rubber dam checks off the most features and is the ideal method of isolation. Rubber dams block liquid, protect airways, retract gingiva, lips, tongue and cheek and protect surrounding tissue.

The one thing rubber dams are missing, compared to some other isolation systems, is the ability to remove pooled liquids. Ascentcare's Saliva Sidekick works well in conjunction with rubber dams, and will hold a suction tube in the ideal location behind the dam. Adding the use of our saliva ejector tube holder will prevent pooling of liquids during long procedures without the constant interruption of removing and reinserting suction around the dam.

Cotton Rolls: If you only need light control of saliva, try using a cotton roll in place of a saliva ejector tube in the Saliva Sidekick. This, too, can be placed inside or outside the teeth and will hold the roll in place while maintaining an open access work area.

The Saliva Sidekick has many benefits to offer your dental practice. It's the ideal hands-free suction holder that does not interfere with your work area, and offers illumination as well. It is easy to use and adapt to your various preferences and needs. Additionally, It works well together with your other dental products. Add the Saliva Sidekick from Ascentcare to advance your practice.

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