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Ascentcare Dental Products

What Your Patients Will Love Most About Our Mouth Prop System

Ascentcare's Bite Buddy mouth prop system is unlike any on the market. With interchangeable attachments, this mouth prop can quickly transform to meet your many needs throughout a single procedure, or an entire day. There's no question why dentists everywhere are loving this system. But what about their patients? Read on to learn why your patients will be glad you chose the Bite Buddy mouth prop system.

What do patients want in a dental office? The Bite Buddy mouth prop system makes giving your patients the best care and keeping them happy easy. Many surveys have determined several qualities patients look for in their dentist and dental office, including the following:


Surveys have shown that more patients comment about their dentist being on time than any other factor in their decision about where to go for dental care (1). One of their first complaints will always be about how long they had to wait.

Adding high quality instruments, like the Bite Buddy mouth prop system, to your routine allows you to perform your job better and more efficiently. The Bite Buddy's low-profile design, coupled with instruments such as the tongue guard or saliva ejector tube holder help you to maintain peak efficiency on the job, respecting your patient's time and keeping them happy.

Our Saliva Sidekick saliva ejector tube holder attachment available for our mouth prop, works efficiently as that sixth hand during your various procedures. Freeing your assistant's hands for more important tasks, like anticipating your other instrument needs, saves you time in the dental chair and keeps you on schedule.

To learn more about how our mouth prop system can help you increase efficiency in your dental office, read our blog about our Saliva Sidekick: The 6th Hand for Your Efficient 4 Handed Practice


According to Futuredontics, patients say the latest technology is paramount in their decision to continue their patronage of a practice (3). New technology is not only fun for you, but also important to your patient. Using the latest technology can save you time, reduce discomfort and make dental visits more enjoyable overall. New technology such as the Bite Buddy mouth prop allows you and your patient the confidence that they are getting the best treatment and care.


Another important quality patients prefer, and perhaps one of the more obvious ones, is comfort. In fact, the fear of discomfort is one reason why many patients forgo going to the dentist, according to a national survey (2).

Retain your patients by making sure their treatment is comfortable. The Bite Buddy mouth prop system offers many attachments that increase patient comfort. The Tongue Tamer tongue guard keeps your patients safe and comfortable during long procedures. The Placement Pal placement tool makes mouth prop placement easy for you and comfortable for your patient.

Explain to your patients how the Mouth Prop System is designed for their comfort and they'll be more likely to return and to recommend your practice to friends and family.


It only takes a few seconds to make a good first impression, and an organized exam room leads to improved patient perception of your practice overall. An organized practice not only provides a professional image, but also equates to less time for your patients in the chair. Let's face it, how many people can say their favorite place to be is the dental chair? Having your instruments optimally organized chair side in our Hero Holder saves your patients from unnecessarily long periods of time in your office and leaves a professional impression.


Safety is important to patients, and can mean different things to different people. Safety can mean anything from cleanliness to protection from high speed tools. Ascentcare's Tongue Tamer tongue guard offers safety and protection for your patient while using high speed instruments. A clean and sterile dental office is paramount to patient safety and one of the most important factors patients use while choosing their dental office. Ascentcare's Bite Buddy Super Pack, including the mouth props and most popular attachment pieces, are fully autoclavable.

Order today and your patients will appreciate your increased efficiency, advanced technology, organized exam room and increased comfort and safety thanks to Ascentcare's Bite Buddy mouth prop system.


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