Reduce the Spread of COVID -19  in your Dental Office

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Reduce Infectious Aerosols with the VacuLUX HVE Adapter

Dental offices are in one of the highest risk categories for transmission and contraction of COVID-19. Face-to-face communication, exposure to body fluids, and the aerosolization of these fluids during routine procedures puts you, your staff and your patients at a high risk for transmission of many infectious diseases.


Harmful Aerosols in Dentistry

Studies have shown that aerosols generated from a patient's mouth can contain up to 100,000 bacteria per cubic foot of air. Many diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome and COVID-19 can be transmitted during routine dental procedures via aerosolization of fluids. There is nothing a dental office can do to prevent the creation of aerosols.


Risk of Super-Spreading Event

COVID-19 remains viable in aerosols for 3 hours or more around your dental chair. How many patients and staff members are exposed to these aerosols over a period of 3 hours?


Aerosols will continue to settle on your instruments and furniture in that time. COVID-19 stays on stainless steel and plastic surfaces for up to three days.


Additionally, We know that people infected with COVID-19 may not have any visible symptoms, but still have the potential to transmit the virus. Risks of "super-spreading events" increase when aerosols are produced during routine dental procedures on an asymptomatic patient.

Protection through Aerosol Control

Proper High Volume suction during procedures eliminates over 90% of aerosols.

Several researchers have found that using High Volume Evacuation (HVE) greatly reduces aerosols and spatter generated during routine dental procedures. HVE has been proven to significantly decrease transmission of communicable diseases from patient to dental professionals through reduction of contaminated aerosolized fluids.

Most aerosol containing infectious agents originating from the patient remain 36” from the patient’s face.


Who is standing and breathing 3 feet from the patient in your dental office? These aerosols, as well as spatter, pose a threat to the dentist and other staff members in proximity.


Further, according to Dr. Gordon Christensen, "in spite of using face masks, [dental professionals] breathe many of the organisms that are present in the aerosols produced by the air/water spray of the dental handpiece and other procedures."


Using continuous suction is one way you can protect yourself, your staff and your patients from infectious particles with the VacuLUX HVE adapter.


High volume isolation mouthpieces have been found to properly reduce aerosols, more so than using HVE alone.


The VacuLUX connects to your existing HVE valve and Dryshield or Zyris Isolite mouthpieces to simply remove aerosols during routine procedures.

Reflection of our Practices

To protect yourself, your staff and your patients in an environment where a large amount of aerosols are generated, standard precautions and universal protective measures are not effective enough. The COVID-19 epidemic forces reflection of our practices.


Exposure to infectious aerosols is prevalent in the dental office. Changes to our routines need to be made to ensure the safety of our staff and patients against all harmful aerosols, including COVID-19. What can you do to ensure safety for yourself, your staff and your patients?

Reducing aerosols alone is not enough to protect you, your staff and your patients from COVID-19 or other diseases. It is one of the many changes dentists should make to their practices upon returning to reduce exposure. Other evidence-based prevention measures for reducing risks associated with COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases are recommended. These recommendations include but are not limited to pre-screening patients, using pre-procedural mouth rinses, increasing efforts to disinfect and sterilize furniture and equipment, changing PPE between each patient and other recommendations per the CDC

A Cost Effective Solution

Due to strong recommendations by the American Dental Association, many dentists are not practicing in order to slow the transmission of COVID-19. If you are among these dentists, good economic sense says now is the time to hold tight to your money. But you still need to prepare to protect your practice when you reopen.


Ascentcare Dental Products offers a cost-effective solution to reducing harmful aerosols. Compare the features and benefits of the affordable VacuLUX to those of other HVE adapters, including the significantly lower cost:

If you are currently on-call for dental emergencies, exposure to COVID-19 is a high possibility, as infection rates are on the rise. But even as risk of COVID-19 lessons and you return to your practice full-time, risks of exposure to infectious diseases through aerosols is still high. The VacuLUX HVE Adapter uses high volume evacuation to greatly reduce these risks to yourself, your staff and patients.