Ascentcar Dental Products
The Illuminated VacuLUX HVE Isolation System

Why the VacuLUX™ 

for illumination


Upgrade to illumination at any time as each VacuLUX adapter includes an integrated light guide.


Share illumination at every chair with the portable, rechargeable light engine.

Plug & Play

Magnetically couple the fiber optic light guide for instant illumination without installation.


Choose from three intensity levels  to send illumination where it's needed most with the HyperLUX™.


Choose an adapter to illuminate your Dryshield or Zyris Isolite & VacuLUX™ mouthpieces.

Powerful illumination for your VacuLUX™ isolation system is provided by the HyperLUX™ light engine. It's patented magnetically coupled fiber optic light guide allows for instant installation and portability. 


Effortlessly send up to 140,000 LUX directly where you need it most with the HyperLUX™. Other illuminated instruments powered by this light engine include the Radical Reflector™ and the Titan Transilluminator™. 

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