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Ascentcare Dental Products
Ascentcare Dental Products

Get the Most from your VacuLUX Mouthpieces

Designed with premium features to increase patient acceptance, reduce per-patient cost and maximize suction, you're already getting more when you chose VacuLUX autoclavable mouthpieces.

Read our tips below to discover how you can optimize your benefits and your patients' isolation experience with VacuLUX.

Increase Patient Comfort

& Acceptance

VacuLUX mouthpieces are made with a softer, more pliable material and are designed for comfort with an overlap that folds over the evacuation ports, protecting the tongue and palate from discomfort.

Increase patient acceptance even more by selecting the proper size:

  1. Measure your patient's Interincisal Opening using the finger method or calipers.

  2. Use our Sizing Guide to determine the best mouthpiece size for your patient.

Practitioner Tip: If between sizes, select the smaller size for maximum patient comfort.

For tips & detailed instructions on mouthpiece placement, check out our Placement Video:

Reduce Per-Patient Cost Further

with Proper Mouthpiece Care

VacuLUX autoclavable mouthpieces are made of proprietary, pure, high-temp medical silicone designed to withstand repeated sterilization via autoclave.

The VacuLUX mouthpiece was designed with Simple-Sterile™ Technology, featuring and easy-to-access interior and limited crevices for efficient pre-cleaning and safe sterilization.

VacuLUX mouthpieces can last 50 uses, and if properly cared for, will last longer!

Get the most from your autoclavable mouthpieces by reading our blog:

Maximize Aerosol & Spatter

Control with TrueHVEIsolation

VacuLUX Mouthpieces were engineered with limited restriction, open-air pathways. This feature has two benefits: quieter suction and increased air flow.

For maximum aerosol reduction, use your VacuLUX mouthpieces with the VacuLUX adapter, the only TrueHVE™ isolation adapter, featuring an minimum interior diameter of 9mm!

Learn more about TrueHVE™ and other thoughtfully designed features of the VacuLUX adapter:

There are many reasons to love VacuLUX Mouthpieces! Follow our tips to get the most from your VacuLUX system and you, your team and your patients will love them even more.

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